During many years of work, Lemon Pro carried out orders for companies from various industries. From construction through logistics to accounting and gastronomy. Such experience has allowed us to acquire the necessary knowledge, which allows for quick implementation of the most advanced projects, without affecting the daily life of the company.

Each of customers for whom we had the pleasure to work became convinced that Lemon Pro is a team of experts who know everything about securing corporate data. Our knowledge of IT and data storage in the cloud combined with experience gained in cooperation with companies from Poland and abroad makes us the best team of professionals in the cloud computing industry who will ensure that your company’s data security becomes a fact, not just an empty advertising slogan.


Budokrusz always provides products of the highest quality in accordance with Polish standards. Our clients know that they will receive the order in a very short time and the delivered products are durable and produced using the latest technologies. IT Management Lemon Pro enables us to constantly raise our standards.

Deputy Commercial Director for concrete and aggregates

P. P. „Porty Lotnicze”

Specialists from Lemon Pro know very well the specifics of key systems working at the airport. Many years of cooperation confirmed their professionalism and commitment.

Specialist in telecommunications systems

Costa Coffee Polska

The key to the success of our business is the best coffee, and for the efficient operation of the coffee shop we need efficient IT. Lemon Pro supports us with this.

IT Manager

New Business Solutions

The main area of our activity is outsourcing in a broad sense, including accounting services, corporate secretariat, administration and management, ensuring effectiveness and compliance of operations with the applicable provisions of Polish law. In the matter of IT infrastructure and services we relay on Lemon Pro.



LEIMRO® offers up-to-date products bringing solutions and support for concrete industry both for ready mix as well as for pre-cast manufacturers. The evolution of our company caused the necessity to introduce advanced IT solutions. Thanks to the team from Lemon Pro, the implementation process ran quickly. Constant IT Management by Lemon Pro professionals allows us to focus on what we do best.



We are supported by LEMON PRO, with whom we have implemented Azure Backup for Windows Server systems.

We are experts in logistics for the industrial sector. We currently have more than 400 employees. We have been thriving and developing in Poland since 1999. We also operate in Western Europe and Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, Russia, CIS and the Baltics, Asia, America.

Our goal is to provide the best services in the world we pay great attention to innovation and implementation of new technologies. In these activities we are vigorously supported by LEMON PRO, with which we have implemented Azure Bacukp for Windows Server systems. We are happy that by paying a low monthly fee we can back up important resources. The system works stably and quickly. The service has also allowed us to meet the requirements of RODO in terms of storing backups outside the company’s headquarters.