Plans & Pricing Druva Phoenix

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Phenix Business Phenix Enterprise Phenix Elite
187 EUR per TB/month 214 EUR per TB/month 267 EUR per TB/month
Linux and Windows File Server
NAS storage
SQL Server
Global Deduplication
Intelligent tiering for long-term retention (LTR)
VMware File Level Recovery
Multi-Site Administration
Cloud Disaster Recovery/ Test and Dev
Storage Insights & Recommendations
Ransomware Recovery
Deployment for U.S. Government Cloud

Pay Only for What You Use

With Druva you pay only for the storage you use. Nothing more. And like a mobile phone plan, if you don’t use all the storage licensed, your storage consumption “rolls over” to the next period so you can use it then. Of course, if you’re using more, you can add additional storage whenever needed.

Minimize What You Pay

Druva’s patented global deduplication technology and ever-incremental backups minimize the amount of data stored and as a result, what you pay.

It Pays To Move Backup To The Cloud

Discover how to reduce your overall backup storage footprint and slash costs while gaining the efficiencies of the cloud.

Effective Price is What Matters

Effective price reflects the overall costs of your stored data over time — the amount of data stored, its incremental growth and hardware and software costs — reflecting a single price for all that you are paying. Druva Phoenix’s storage efficiencies result in unprecedented costs savings so that your overall effective price per gigabyte can be a fraction of a penny per month compared to what you may be paying today.

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