Lemon Pro Drive

Platform for file exchange.
Service based on OwnCloud.

Key Features

Your drive

Your safe place to store files. You decide on the size of the data space as part of the monthly subscription.

Your place for materials, photos, documents

Securely store your company data on which you work regardless of their size.


Share data with selected people or groups for a set amount of time in a convenient way.

Your safe space for data.

Lemon Drive is a safe and dedicated space for your data.


As part of the monthly fee, you get space for your personal, safe drive where you can store your data to which only you have access.


Share your data securely for the time you specify. Double authorization for access to your drive and data. Encrypt data with your private key.

Characteristics of the Lemon Pro Drive

share files of any size

all browsers and mobile devices

convenient and easy way

encrypted transmission all over the Internet

The advantages of Lemon Pro Drive

  • You decide about the security extension (temporary link / additional password /
    encryption with a certificate)
  • You choose the time of data sharing
  • Share materials that the recipient downloads or immediately plays / reads
  • Decide about the size of the monthly subscription
  • You know where exactly your data is located
  • You have a fixed bandwidth for your data.