Microsoft Defender for Identity

Monitoring and analyzing user behavior.


Is it worth protecting your data?
There is only one answer - YES.

Microsoft Defender for Identity:


user identity protection,


the optimal solution for you,


an easy way to monitor and analyze user behavior,


monitors anomalies and abnormal events,


strong data protection against unwanted threats,


reduced susceptibility to attacks.

Microsoft Defender for Identity is the best solution for you.

Formerly Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP). Azure cloud-based security solution. Leverages local Active Directory beacons to identify, detect and analyze advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious activities from an implicit user targeting your organization.

Allows you to easily monitor and analyze user behavior.

The smart way to spot anomalies and irregularities in an event.

Behavior reports and system analyzes allow you to adjust the best security to a specific user profile and data protection is even stronger.

The innovative technology which Microsoft Defender for Identity is based on cleans up "irrelevant" irregularities and captures only what is most important.

Microsoft Defender for Identity will help you protect your data against unwanted threats.

Intelligently detects any abnormal behavior.

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